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Through the Jerome Project Grants for Emerging Fiber Artists program, Textile Center supported and celebrated the creative spirit of emerging fiber artists by helping them develop professionally and thrive in their studios. Textile Center received a total of 11 years of program support from the Jerome Foundation to fund projects for 40 emerging Minnesota artists working in the field of fibers and textiles. All of the projects culminated in exhibitions, like the 2019/2020 grantee exhibition, Roots of Our Labor. (Click HERE to see the virtual exhibition.) Thank you to Jerome Foundation and all of the early career artists who worked together to produce these amazing new projects.

With a year of scaled-back programming during the pandemic in 2021, we continued our support of two early career artists through Art Speaks: Emerging Artists. These artist’s work in fiber art studio practice was supported through opportunities at Textile Center, including public presentations and conversations around their current practices, and promotion of their work to our audience through our social media channels. Links to the digital presentations of their work are below. In 2022, support for early career artists included the CONTINUUM exhibition and related programming, to supported open ended creation of work for early career BIPOC artists through exhibitions, residencies, curatorial internships, public presentations, and digital documentation on our website and through our social media channels. 

2021:     Maxine Britt, gender neutral fashion and Alonzo Pantoja, fiber and installation

2022:     CONTINUUM, exhibition and program


The Jerome Foundation, created by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), seeks to contribute to a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by early career/emerging artists. The Foundation makes grants to early career artists and those nonprofit arts organizations that serve them in the state of Minnesota and the five boroughs of New York City.

2019-2020 Jerome Recipients

  • Ian Hanesworth
  • Dawn Tomlinson
  • Erin Lavelle

2019-2020 Exhibition: Roots of Our Labor


2018-2019 Jerome Recipients

  • Janet Dixon
  • Heather MacKenzie
  • Mary Pow

2018-2019 Exhibition: Orient, Disorient, Repeat


2016-2017 Jerome Recipients

  • Elizabeth Garvey
  • Julie Hassler
  • Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker
  • Catherine Missaghi

2016-2017 Exhibition: Loop • Skin • Rust • Mind


2015-2016 Jerome Recipients

  • Marcia Haffmans
  • Sarah Nassif
  • Alex Newby
  • Maggie Thompson

2015/2016 Exhibition: Observe • Record • Relate

2014/2015 Jerome Recipients

  • Sarah Kusa
  • Becka Rahn
  • Jennifer Schultz
  • Kate Vinson

2014/2015 Exhibition: You Know Who You Are


2014 Jerome Recipients

  • Susan Hensel
  • Kristi Kuder
  • Allison Roberts
  • Julie Sirek

2014 Exhibition: Truth Telling


2012/2013 Jerome Recipients

  • Moira Bateman
  • Marjorie Fedyszyn
  • Chiaki O’Brien
  • Caroline Keefe

2012/2013 Exhibition: Elemental Matter

2013 Exhibition of Jerome Alumni: Next

2011/2012 Jerome Recipients

  • Gay Kemmis
  • Lisa Loudon
  • Mary Mortenson
  • Kimber Olson


2010/2011 Jerome Recipients

  • Kristina Fjellman
  • Anne Larson
  • Brenda Brousseau
  • Kim Matthews


2009/2010 Jerome Recipients

  • Allison Roberts
  • Lyz Wendland
  • Kevin Kramp


2008/2009 Jerome Recipients

  • Maggie Dayton
  • Heidi Henderson
  • Ingrid Restemayer