Join us with a commitment to renew, inspire, and grow your creative practice with a Guest Teaching Artist Class!

These 2 – 5 day classes are just the ticket to introduce new ideas, build on old ones, and learn new fiber art skills in a supportive and rigorous learning environment!

Our Guest Teaching Artists are highly regarded artist educators in the field of textiles and fiber for their artistic achievements and excellence as educators. Textile Center welcomes creatives of all levels to try something new or push the boundaries of what you already know by participating in an immersive experience with an expert in the field.

Join an upcoming Guest Teaching Artist Workshop:

Sashiko Intensive: From Core + Essence to Application + Practice

June 28 – 30, 10 am – 4 pm • Atsushi Futatsuya


Join Textile Center for a special Guest Teaching Artist workshop with Atsushi Futatsuya, a third-generation sashiko artist from a renowned sashiko family in Gifu prefecture, Japan.

In this intensive stitching workshop, learn the most important element in sashiko stitching: unshin (needle movement). Explore the history of sashiko and its role in cultural practice in Japan. After formal teaching of the “core and essence” of sashiko on the first day under the direction of Atsushi, students will begin to develop their own rhythm in stitching. Apply unshin to a favorite garment while learning other elements of Sashiko such as hitomezashi.

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Mayan Backstrap Weaving

July 23 – 26, 10 am – 4 pm • Lidia Amanda López de López

Join us in welcoming Doña Lidia López de López for a special 4-day workshop on backstrap brocade weaving in the Mayan tradition.

Begin by learning the basics of plain weaving on a backstrap loom, using your body to create tension. As you gain confidence in working with a backstrap loom, learn techniques for brocade weaving, incorporating a range of designs and colorful yarns. Explore strategies for fraying, twisting, and macrame which add to the beauty of this weaving tradition. Students will have the option to learn how to warp the backstrap loom on their own. All levels welcome. Class cost includes materials fee.

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Felt Your Dreams! Prefelt Rug with Nomad Design

August 20 – August 24, 9 am – 5 pm • Flóra Carlile-Kovács

Explore one of the oldest fiber art forms in this special 5-day felted rug workshop with Guest Teaching Artist Flóra Carlile-Kovács.

Drawing inspiration from the long-standing tradition of nomadic felted rugs that were produced by communities from Eastern Europe to Central Asia, and continue most prominently today in Krygyzstan, learn how to apply the ancient art of wet felting to create vibrant, contemporary floor coverings. Traditionally, nomadic rugs were gifted to a daughter from her mother or other relatives when she got married. Using ancient symbols, they felted their dreams, best wishes, and good luck for the young woman into a rug that stayed with her for the rest of her life.

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Felted Pendant with Ridges

August 25, 9 am – 5 pm • Flóra Carlile-Kovács

Join Guest Teaching Artist Flóra Carlile-Kovács in this one-day wet felting workshop to create complex wearable-art shapes inspired by nature.

Learn to manipulate felt–sometimes referred to as the “clay of textiles”–into a small felted 3D pendant with a rigged, pleated surface. Work with super-extra-fine 16 micron merino wool, soap, water, and agitation, to experience how loose fibers will tangle and shrink, becoming very strong and yet still malleable. Basic understanding of wet felting is useful.

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Register by July 1, 2024 for the special EARLY BIRD rate

Use code FELT30 when enrolling in both Flóra’s workshops (Felt Your Dreams! and Felted Pendant with Ridges) for an additional $30 discount. Offer valid through July 1 EARLY BIRD deadline.

Yeil Koowu (Ravenstail) Weaving

October 15 – 18 , 10 am – 4 pm • Lily Hope

Join us in welcoming renowned Chilkat weaver Lily Hope to Textile Center for a special four-day Guest Teaching Artist workshop. Learn to weave a Ravenstail smartphone bag with rainbow warp and All Our Ancestors pattern. Participants will learn foundational techniques in Yeil Koowu (Ravenstail) finger twining, and come away with a completed weaving. Open to participants of all skill levels; no previous weaving experience necessary.

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September 24 – 28, 2024


Cancellation and refund policies are included on each class registration page. Generally, 50% refund available if withdrawn by the Earlybird deadline. Due to the scheduling nature of these classes and arrangements for instructors, no refunds are available after that.

(Header photo: (left) artwork by June 2023 Guest Teaching Artist Gasali Onireke Adeyemo; (right) artwork by May 2023 Guest Teaching Artist Susan Moss)


Different from our core adult classes, Guest Teaching Artist workshops need to reach a minimum number of participants well in advance of the workshop date in order for the workshop to run.

If you are interested in participating in a Guest Teaching Artist workshop, do not delay in registering and make sure you “CLAIM YOUR SPOT” as soon as possible!

Please note that because the Guest Teaching Artist workshops are structured differently from our regular adult classes, they have a different withdrawal policy.


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Enjoy the vibrancy of the Twin Cities during your stay! Here are a couple of resources to help you make the most of your time here:

View our incredible lineup of past Guest Teaching Artists:

Conjuring a Winter Rainbow

January 2024 • Sasha Duerr

Natural dyer, artist, and educator Sasha Duerr taught an intensive 3-day workshop. Participants created local and seasonal color with evergreens and other January dye ingredients. Then, worked with plant-based hues and experienced the awe that can be found with creating color from everyday ingredients.

Design Camp: Improv Piecing for Abstract Quilts
April 2023 • with Pat Pauly

Artist Pat Pauly taught this intensive workshop on improvisational piecing (sewing) as the base for composing contemporary works. Participants in this workshop built a set complete with insets, windows, thin lines, breaks, shifts and curves—all the tools of improvisational quilting. Then, they broke apart the set to focus on design and composition, and rearranged (with a few added tricks) the parts to create an entirely new piece.

The Creative Sketchbook
May 2023 • with Susan Moss

Artist Susan Moss taught a class on how an active sketchbook and journaling practice can enhance creative process and artistic growth. Students learned strategies for a sketchbook practice that is low risk, non-evaluative, and exploratory. They worked with varied materials – gouache, colored brush pens, markers, water soluble pencils – and responded to a range of mark-making and writing prompts.

Adire to Indigo: Resist-Dyeing in the Yoruba Tradition
June 2023 • with Gasali Onireke Adeyemo

In a 4-day workshop, artist Gasali Onireke Adeyemo shared his knowledge of surface design and dyeing from his native Osun State, Nigeria. Participants learned the complete adire process, from preparing the cassava resist paste to painting and stenciling with traditional Yoruba patterns to dyeing adire cloth with indigo.

Piecework: Exploring Personal Narrative with Collage and Encaustic
July 2023 • with Susan Stover

Join Guest Teaching Artist Susan Stover for an exploration of personal narrative through the mediums of collage and encaustic. Whether you have a story to tell or want to dig deeper into your own artistic motivations, explore how the pieces of our histories come together to influence how we work and what we create. Using fabric and paper, make your own collage materials to embed into encaustic.

Rozome Intensive
August 2023 • with Kiranada Benjamin

Join Kiranada Sterling Benjamin for a professional workshop on the ancient art of Japanese resist painting and dyeing known as rozome. With roots in 8th-century Japan, the art of rozome appears on everything from scrolls to standing screens to kimonos, and has been dazzling fiber artists abroad for the last fifty years. Participants will learn eight different wax techniques in addition to four different dyeing techniques utilized by master rozome artists.

Traditional Kimono Making
September 2023 • with Tsuyo Onodera & Maki Aizawa

Join Master Kimono Maker Tsuyo Onodera and her daughter, artist Maki Aizawa, as they lead a special 4-day kimono-making workshop. Tsuyo and Maki will lead participants through the art of traditional kimono making from selecting and pinning the tanmono fabric to sewing your very own obi and casual summer kimono known as yukata. Explore the history of traditional kimono-making including discussion of kimono layout, construction, size, and pattern alignment.