Art Speaks: Emerging Artist Maxine Britt on Gender Neutral Fashion

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 • 1 – 2:30 pm CDT • Pay-what-you-can • Virtual

Gender neutral fashion, or apparel that is designed to be worn by a person of any gender, has grown dramatically in popularity over the past few years, with lines from major brands like Gap to luxury fashion houses like Gucci. But how inclusive is gender neutral fashion?

Meet local emerging artist/designer Maxine Britt (she/they), whose background in fashion and their gender-neutral brand, Mx Apparel Design (@mxappareldesign) is informed by a lifetime as an LGBT person and IRB-certified academic research. Throughout their career, Britt has addressed the issue of gender neutral fashion failing to meet the needs of those who require gender inclusivity to shop safely and feel affirmed through clothing choices. Join us for this Art Speaks presentation and conversation to learn about the history of gender neutral fashion and what makes them so passionate about gender neutral clothing. Hear how the current market falls short and how to design for all genders, and leave with an awareness of how to incorporate gender inclusivity into your own design work.

View a recording of the session here:

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