Youth + Family Educational Programs

2024 Summer Camps

Textile Center is excited to partner with these organizations for additional Youth Summer Camps!


Fabric Design and Hand
Sewing Techniques
(ages 12-15)
June 17 – 21, 2024

5 Centers Camps:

Artful Adornments
(Grades K-2)
June 24 – 28, 2024

Artful Adornments Teen Edition
(ages 13+)
July 29 – August 2, 2024

Campers spend one day at each of the 5 centers using a variety of creative mediums to explore personal style and expression, in this order: Northern Clay Center, Highpoint Center for PrintmakingChicago Avenue Fire Arts CenterTextile Center, and Articulture.

Children’s Theatre Company:

Sensory Puppet Making
(Grades K-2)
July 15 – 19, 2024

Sensory Puppet Making
(ages 9-12)
July 15 – 19, 2024

Future Fiber Artists

Calling all young mavericks and creative thinkers: Do you love making things with your hands? Would you like to channel your imagination into creating stories, crafting toys, or designing fashion? The possibilities are endless, for a Future Fiber Artist!

Textile Center’s Future Fiber Artists program aims to cultivate the next generation of fiber art enthusiasts and help foster excitement, confidence, and competency in youth ages 7-12 years old around needle-based fiber arts such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery, and hand-stitching.

The Future Fiber Artist program is supported by the Denise Ann Richter Youth Fiber Art Fund.

Intergenerational Classes for Youth and Families:

Intergenerational classes are open to youth with an accompanying adult

Youth Fiber Art Guild™

Textile Center’s Youth Fiber Art Guild™ program, supported by the Rosemary and David Good Family Foundation, provides free fiber art educational activities to organizations and programs in Minneapolis that support youth from systemically marginalized and diverse communities. Participants learn foundational fiber art and textile techniques as they receive live instruction and mentorship from a Textile Center Teaching Artist. All materials are provided to explore and create personalized fiber art creations.

In conjunction with our Youth Fiber Art Guild Program, Textile Center creates Youth Guild Kits which are available for purchase through our Shop and as annual subscriptions. These kits are a great way to engage and inspire young fiber art enthusiasts with a seasonal series of curated fiber art activities. Each Youth Guild Kit comes with all the necessary materials as well as printed and video instructions to facilitate self-guided exploration of each activity.

Youth Fiber Art Guild kits are for sale in the Textile Center Shop!

Explore your creativity with Youth Fiber Art Guild kits – specially created for kids, ages 7*–12 years old!
Learn fiber art techniques with the help of simple instructions and video tutorials included with each activity.
Outfitted with all tools and materials you need to complete each activity, kits are a great way to spend Family Night and cabin time, or are just as fun to explore on your own!

Kit options include:
  • Circular Weaving
  • Embroidered Bandana
  • Fabric Pouch Necklace
  • Print and Repeat Bag
  • Quilted Magnet
  • Weaving
  • Yarn Spinning

*Some kits may require adult supervision

Youth Fiber Art Guild 6-month Subscription

Kit-based fiber art projects to explore your creativity! Great for ages 7+*

Here’s how it works:

Every month (for 6 months), each guild member receives an exciting new kit in the mail, packed with tools and materials to make their unique fiber art project! By following our simple instructions or online videos at home, guild members will be amazed at their own talent and confidence.

The deadline has passed for our 2024 subscription. Check back in the fall for our 2025 subscription!

*adult supervision may be needed for certain kits

Click for more info about our Youth Guild Subscription

What is a Guild?

The word Guild comes from old English “gegield”, meaning brotherhood, which referred to a very close group of friends who bonded together over a shared interest. Long ago (Up to 1,000 years ago!), guilds were groups of people who practiced a trade, like metalworking, and they would keep the methods of their work top secret. Membership was limited to artists from the same town or working with a single craft technique — and now, anyone can join, from anywhere in the world!

Today, guilds are groups of people united together by a shared interest or skill — in this case, a love of fiber arts! Our Youth Fiber Art Guild is a club of creativity where you can make friends, share projects, and enjoy the love of craft.

The Youth Fiber Art Guild consists of YOU, Chloe and Evie, and kids from all over the United States who share your interest in fiber art.

What does a Youth Fiber Art Guild™ 6-Month Subscription include?

A $85 subscription is for one child and it includes:

  • 6 MONTHLY KITS (plus 2 bonus kits): Explore a new fiber art technique every month! Inside each kit are the materials you need to create an exciting project. All projects come with easy to read instructions (and a link to an instructional video) to help you create an extraordinary piece of artwork. Shipping is included– all kits will arrive in the mail at the beginning of each month. *Note: These extended subscriptions are offered during November and December, for the coming year of membership.
  • Dispatches from the GUILD GUIDES! Each month you’ll receive a letter from Guild Guides Chloe and Evie. They’ll provide educational information about the monthly project, tips and tricks to make the most out of your fiber explorations, and special updates and opportunities from Textile Center.
  • Zoom Show-And-Tell Guild Meeting: We’ll end the Youth Fiber Art Guild subscription with a zoom session at the beginning of June, where you can meet Chloe, Evie, and other guild members LIVE and show off your fiber creations!

Can I buy just one 6-month subscription?

Yes, our subscriptions and limited edition kit packs (when available) are for single purchase or groups. If you are purchasing for a large group, please contact Chloe Russell at or call 612-436-0464.

For what ages is the Youth Fiber Art Guild™ appropriate?

Our kits are developed to appeal to learners who are 7 years old and up. Some kits may require adult supervision (ex. Cookie Cutter Needle Felting, due to the use of needles). Each kit comes with enough materials to customize your project, offering a unique outcome for each child.

How do I participate in the Youth Fiber Art Guild?

You are invited to participate in the Youth Fiber Art Guild by a monthly dispatch with our Guild Guides! Each month, you’ll receive a letter from Chloe and Evie which will provide educational information about your monthly project, tips and tricks to make the most of your fiber explorations, and special updates and opportunities from Textile Center.

Once you finish your monthly project, you may wish to respond to the Guild Guides by sending a letter of your own through email, or snail mail! Don’t forget to include a photo of your finished project for them to see!

At the end of the Youth Fiber Art Guild Subscription, we’ll host a Show and Tell via Zoom! Meet Chloe and Evie, and other guild members, and show off your fiber creations!

When can we register?

Currently, registration happens during the months of November and December for the upcoming year’s subscription! Any changes to the subscription period, or special kit-packs, will be announced on our website and in our Textiles on the Town newsletter.

How and when will I get my kits?

Shipping is included. The first kit, plus the 2 extra free kits, will be shipped in December. Then you will receive the next 5 kits in a monthly package until you have all 8 kits. Kits always arrive around the first of the month. Kits are usually shipped via USPS first class mail.

What if I need help understanding the instructions or creating a project?

We are always here to help! Contact Chloe Russell at or call 612-436-0464.

Make + Take Experiences

Have a party here at Textile Center with your friends and family.

You bring the treats and we’ll bring the FUN.
Create matching Shibori style tie-dyed bandanas, get tactile with felted geodes and beads, or ask about a custom make and take experience.
Bring your school field trip, scout troop, or club to learn more about why fiber art is important for the past, present, and future. You’ll even create a piece of textile art to take home with you.

Questions? We are always here to help!

Contact Textile Center at or call 612-436-0464.