Textile Center partners with Jerome Foundation in selecting emerging fiber artists based in Minnesota for individually designed project grants that inform and advance artistic development in the creation of new work. Together, Jerome Foundation and Textile Center support and celebrate the creative spirit of fiber artists and welcome applications from artists representing diverse cultural perspectives.

2018-2019 Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grants

Textile Center is pleased to announce the 2018 Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grant application period is now open! Now in its 10th year, this program is designed to expand opportunities for emerging fiber artists in Minnesota. Three $6,000 project grants will be awarded, as well as additional professional development opportunities at Textile Center for the winning applicants. The grant awards include exhibition planning and implementation, culminating with a final show of the artists’ new work, from May 20 – July 27, 2019.

Grant application workshop at Textile Center: April 24, 6-7 pm

2018-2019 Grant Information and Instructions

Crafting Your Project Proposal

Fiber Artist Project Grant application

  • Before you begin filling out this application, you must contact Tracy Krumm at Textile Center for your User ID number. This is necessary to maintain the confidentiality of this application. tkrumm@textilecentermn.org / 612-436-0464
  • Prepare all documents in PDF format, and have all JPG/JPEG Images ready to go before proceeding, as you CANNOT save the form and come back to it. Slow internet connections may cause this form to time out. Please make sure you are uploading JPG's and PDF's that are under 2MG each.
  • Be sure to click on the submit button at the bottom of the application when all of your attachments are complete, and then wait until the upload is finished. It may take several minutes for the upload to complete if your file sizes are large. Your computer screen will revert to a refreshed version of this webpage, and the words "Thank you for your submission" will appear in place of this application form. Please contact Tracy Krumm if you have additional questions about the process.
  • Demographic Information

  • Not completing this information will not affect your eligibility to receive a grant.
  • Application Materials



2016-2017 Jerome Recipients

  • Elizabeth Garvey
  • Julie Hassler
  • Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker
  • Catherine Missaghi

2016-2017 Exhibition: Loop • Skin • Rust • Mind


2015-2016 Jerome Recipients

  • Marcia Haffmans
  • Sarah Nassif
  • Alex Newby
  • Maggie Thompson

2015/2016 Exhibition: Observe • Record • Relate


2014/2015 Jerome Recipients

  • Sarah Kusa
  • Becka Rahn
  • Jennifer Schultz
  • Kate Vinson

2014/2015 Exhibition: You Know Who You Are


2014 Jerome Recipients

  • Susan Hensel
  • Kristi Kuder
  • Allison Roberts
  • Julie Sirek

2014 Exhibition: Truth Telling


2012/2013 Jerome Recipients

  • Moira Bateman
  • Marjorie Fedyszyn
  • Chiaki O’Brien
  • Caroline Keefe

2012/2013 Exhibition: Elemental Matter

2013 Exhibition of Jerome Alumni: Next


2011/2012 Jerome Recipients

  • Gay Kemmis
  • Lisa Loudon
  • Mary Mortenson
  • Kimber Olson


2010/2011 Jerome Recipients

  • Kristina Fjellman
  • Anne Larson
  • Brenda Brousseau
  • Kim Matthews


2009/2010 Jerome Recipients

  • Allison Roberts
  • Lyz Wendland
  • Kevin Kramp


2008/2009 Jerome Recipients

  • Maggie Dayton
  • Heidi Henderson
  • Ingrid Restemayer