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The Dye Lab is not currently open for rentals or classes, due to COVID-19 safety restrictions and concerns. We hope to reopen for use in the Fall of 2021!

Textile Center Dye Lab is a state-of-the-art facility available for rent by members and used extensively in our classes and youth programs. Designed for use by fiber art professionals and practitioners to be a functional and safe place to work with dyes and related chemicals, it is equipped for almost any dye or surface design project. Space is suited to groups no larger than 10 people. Exceptions to this are subject to staff approval.


Rental Requirements

You must be a member, and complete the Dye Lab training prior to rental of the Dye Lab! Become a member, and check our class schedule for upcoming dates.

Individual Rental Rates

Full Day / 9 am – 5 pm

Individual / First Person (Renter) $80 member price

Additional people: $10 each

Half Day / 9 am – 12 noon or 1 – 4 pm

Individual / First Person (Renter) $40 member price

Additional people: $10 each

Guild / Group Rates

Instructor must have approved Dye Lab training, and the guild / group must be a member of Textile Center. All renters and group participants are expected to know how to conduct themselves safely on the premises, and know how to handle materials properly.  Reservations are not final until payment in full is received.

Full Day / 9 am – 5 pm

$200 flat rate, for up to 10 participant artists

Half Day / 9 am – 12 noon or 1 – 4 pm

$100 flat rate, for up to 10 participant artists

Additional Equipment

Use of large 40-gallon dye vat: $25 for members. Training required.

Use of steam closet: $25 for members. Training required.

Key Card deposit: $25. Training required.


To rent the dye lab and/or adjacent classroom, please call 612-436-0464 or email Madie Ley to check available dates.



Tools and Equipment in the Dye Lab

Safety Equipment

  • Four, independently-controlled ventilation hoods at work stations
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Eye wash station
  • Easy to clean stainless steel and laminate countertops
  • Gas shutoff valves


Use of the following items and equipment are included in your rental fee:

  • Small and large containers and buckets
  • Spoons and measuring cups, stirring tools, scales
  • Towels
  • Washers, dryer
  • Ironing boards, irons
  • Two 14 inch gas burners
  • 4 large sinks
  • Hot plates, blender, microwaves
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Reusable drop cloths & tarps, rolled paper table cover
  • Chemicals: soda ash, salt, citric acid, synthrapol, vinegar
  • Gloves & Masks (we recommend that you bring your own reusable ones)
  • Large raised work table and tall stools

The following items are not included in your rental fee:

  • Dyes and chemicals (except those 5 mentioned above).
  • Fabric or other materials to be dyed

Small amounts of dyes and chemicals are available in the Textile Center Shop for purchase.