Gone but Never Forgotten:
Remembering Those Lost to Police Brutality

Virtual Exhibition

Gone but Never Forgotten: Remembering Those Lost to Police Brutality is a national juried exhibition showcasing 26 quilts that honor those whose lives were violently ended due to police negligence and brutality and critiques the targeting and criminalization of Black bodies throughout history.

This exhibition is part of Textile Center and Women of Color Quilters Network’s We Are the Story initiative. To see the exhibition at Textile Center, on view through December 24, 2020, make an appointment here.

Many of the quilts are on loan from the collections of the individual artists. If you are interested in purchasing a quilt that is for sale, please call into Textile Center at 612-436-0464 between 11 AM and 3 PM, Tuesday – Saturday. Closed December 25, 2020 and December 27, 2020 – January 4, 2021.

(Featured artwork: Clara Nartey, Charleena; Marilyn Hamilton Jackson, Say Their Names; Linda R. Asbury, Her Name is Beloved Speak Her Name: Secoriea Turner; Zoe Lautz, Sandra; Dixie Walker, Justice)

Joan Mondale Gallery - Textile Center

Photos by Rik Sferra

Individual Quilts

Photographed by curator Carolyn Mazloomi

Say Their Names!
Enee Ableman
St. Petersburg, FL
46″ x 42″

Her Name is Beloved Speak Her Name: Secoriea Turner
Linda R. Asbury
Stone Mountain, GA
21″ x 17″

Don’t Let My Name Fade Away
Sharon V. Buck
Newport, TN
33.5″ x 25″

And Counting…
Ora Clay
Oakland, CA
26.5″ x 28″

Justice Flatlined
Donnette A. Cooper
Washington, DC
35.5″ x 36″

Last Cry
Cheryl M. Coulter
Bloomington, MN
30″ x 18″

Everybody Gonna Shine
Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy
Wheaton, IL
32″ x 54″

WRITING on the Wall
Deborah Fell
Champaign, IL
36″ x 26″

Hands Up
Gloria Gammage Davis
Philadelphia, PA
25.5″ x 35.5″

Know Their Faces
Gwen Gordon
Tucker, GA
37″ x 38″

Say Their Names
Marilyn Hamilton Jackson
Springfield Gardens, NY
31″ x 23.5″

Emanuel Nine Martyrs
Gloria Kellon
Shaker Heights, OH
60″ x 38″

I’ll Fly Away
Susan Brubaker Knapp
Chapel Hill, NC
42″ x 40″

Angela Lanier
Oxon Hills, MD
33″ x 36″

Somebody’s Child
Carol Larson
Petaluma, CA
34″ x 34″

Zoe Lautz
Minneapolis, MN
29.5″ x 21″

Tomasita Louviere-Ligons
Austin, TX
48″ x 31″

Clara Nartey
West Haven, CT
40″ x 30″

View of Heaven from My Window
Gwen Triay Samuels
Albuquerque, NM
34″ x 35″

George Floyd: A Tipping Point
Gwen Schagrin
Minneapolis, MN
24.5″ x 23.5″

Not Minnesota Nice
Jill Slipper Scholtz
Eden Prairie, MN
23.5″ x 21.75″

Corona Virus with Police Brutality on the Fringe
Carole Gary Staples
West Chester, OH
26″ x 28.5″

How Many Deaths Will it Take
Jane Hill Stokes
Lewes, DE
35.5″ x 35″

Dixie L. Walker
Clinton, MA
35″ x 35″

A Mother’s Lament
Janice Willis
Altadena, CA
32″ x 39″

Sauda A. Zahra
Durham, NC
27″ x 25″