August 12 — October 26, 2019 • Studio Gallery

Curated by Jim Harris

Artist Reception: Wednesday, August 14, 5:30 – 7 pm

Friends of Mary presents the work of nine of Mary’s artist friends who have made work in her honor using her materials, incorporating fragments of her work, or utilizing her ideas or imagery. Mary’s own work, historical pieces from her personal collection, and photos of her studio are also featured in this homage to a beloved “fiberist” and founding member of Textile Center’s National Artist Advisory Council.

This exhibition is now part of our Virtual Exhibition archive. Enjoy the show by clicking HERE.

Exhibiting Artists:

Katie Anderson
Morgan Clifford
Nina Ganci
Carolyn Halliday
Tim Harding

Judith Kinghorn
Tracy Krumm
Biba Schutz
David Wall