Friends of Mary: Continuing the Legacy of Mary Giles

Virtual Exhibition

Mary in her studio (photo by Mark LaFavor)
Mary in her studio (photo by Mark LaFavor)

Original Exhibition Dates: August 12 – October 26, 2019 • Studio Gallery

Mary Giles was a nationally recognized fiber artist who lived on the St. Croix River north of Stillwater, Minnesota. Her work is represented in over 15 major museum collections throughout the United States. She was honored with one of the highest awards in fiber art when she was named the 2013 Master of Fiber Art by the Renwick Alliance, Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Textile Center presented her work in 2015 with Mary Giles; A Retrospective. She supported Textile Center as a founding member of its National Artist Advisory Council and in conjunction with the Council’s initial meeting in 2016, she curated and hosted Four Fiber Artists of the St. Croix Valley as a fundraising event for Textile Center at her home. Mary Giles died in 2018.

Friends of Mary: Continuing the Legacy of Mary Giles presented the work of ten of Mary’s artist friends who made work in her honor using her materials, incorporating fragments of her work, or utilizing her ideas or imagery. Pieces from Mary’s personal collection and a major work on loan from Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO, were also included.

Our thanks goes to Jim Harris for curating the exhibition and to Petronella Ytsma for taking the photographs used in this virtual edition.

Featured Images: Detail from In Honor of Mary by Morgan Clifford; Detail from Untitled by David Wahl; Detail from Wings by Mary Giles; Detail from Mary Giles Teapot/Matisse by Kate Anderson; Detail from Hyperbolic Cytoskeletons by Carolyn Halliday
Mary Giles Teapot/Matisse
Kate Anderson
Waxed threads, wood
In Honor of Mary
Morgan Clifford
Linen, metallic
Nina Ganci/SKIF International 
Brass metal mesh circles and black shank buttons (from Mary Giles), white linen fabric, white two-hole buttons (6), thread, cut and sew pattern 
Garment construction, hand stitching 
Mary Sweater 
Nina Ganci/SKIF International
Smashed brass coils (from Mary Giles), cotton and linen knitted sweater, silk screen ink, waxed linen thread 
Knitting, printing, sewing 
Mary Giles 
(Courtesy of Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO) 
Waxed linen, fine iron wire, copper wire 
Coiling, hammering 
Hyperbolic Cytoskeletons
Carolyn Halliday
Steel, copper, brass, animal membrane
Hand knit wire
Saint Croix River Mary
Tim Harding
Polyester satin, micro-fiber double weave polyester, 2 ply cotton duck backing
Deconstructed dye sublimation photo montage, linear twist collage quilting
Necklace, Earrings
Judith Kinghorn  
Silver wire, sterling silver, 22K gold, pyrite, schist 
Miniature Basket with Silver Figures 
Mary Giles 
Waxed linen, silver wire 
Coiling, hammering 
Doo Dad & Doo Dah 
Tracy Krumm 
Copper and brass wire, found hardware, antique fishing sinkers (from Mary Giles), patina 
Crocheted, hand constructed 
David Wahl 
Box elder, black paint, waxed linen with applied figures (from Mary Giles) 
Wood turning, painting, coiling, wrapping 
Mary’s Earrings 
Biba Schutz 
Hammered sterling silver, bronze, copper 
Metal Feathers 
Mary Giles 
Waxed linen, copper and steel wire 
Coiling, hammering 
Mary Giles’ Studio
Petronella Ytsma, photographer
Archival inkjet print

Exhibiting Artists


Kate Anderson is a nationally recognized fiber artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Her knotted teapot forms utilize appropriated images from art history.

Morgan Clifford is a Stillwater-based fiber artist. Subtle color, simple composition, and beautiful materials characterize her work. She is the retired head of the Fiber Program at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.

Nina Ganzi, a fashion designer, founded and heads SKIF International, a manufacturer of unique knitted wearables. Located in St. Louis, Missouri SKIF is recognized for well designed and beautifully made one of a kind clothing.

Carolyn Halliday, a Minneapolis-based textile artist, specializes in knit wire natural forms. She is a member of Textile Center’s National Artist Advisory Council.

Tim Harding, a fiber artist from St. Paul, creates wall pieces using an original technique of piecing and cutting. His work ranges from residential scale to major institutional commissions across the country.

Tracy Krumm, an artist and educator, is the Director of Artistic Advancement at Textile Center. Her work integrates hand-constructed textile processes in wire with found materials and forged steel.

Judith Kinghorn, a jeweler from Minneapolis, is known for working in gold and silver, producing exquisite botanical forms.

Biba Schutz, a jeweler from New York City, is known for her imaginative design and immaculate craftsmanship.

David Wahl, a woodturner, formerly of St. Louis, Missouri now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was president of the Woodturners Association of America.

Petronella Ytsma, a St. Paul-based fine art photographer has documented Mary’s work for many years, including the studio images in this exhibition.