Textile Center and Women Chefs & Restaurateurs present a collaborative exhibition: Artists in the Kitchen

50 works of art by women artists inspired by 50 women chefs & restaurateurs
March 21 – May 19, 2018
Public Reception: Thursday, March 29, 5:30 – 7 pm

Being on a team for Artists in the Kitchen is to begin to understand how an artist actually works, to be part of that process. I’m beginning to think of it as walking into a room you’ve never been in before, yet it’s totally familiar in so many ways and not in others. That’s because it’s partially about your own work and then discovering the visions and processes of the other person there, the artist.” —Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Beginning December 27, 2017, 50 all-women artist/chef-restaurateur teams met to join forces in an innovative partnership whereby chefs are inspiring the artists to produce new artworks, culminating in the exhibition. ]To honor the mission of Textile Center, each of the artists is incorporating a textile process, material, or sensibility in their completed work. Recognizing the abundance of local culinary and visual art talent of Twin Cities-area women, “this invitational exhibition forges a new partnership that celebrates the work of women artists in both the art studio and culinary worlds.”— Artists in the Kitchen Organizers.

Artists in the Kitchen premieres in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs (WCR) national conference, Women Speak: Curating the Future of Food from April 21-23.

Co-presented by:

Chef/Restauranteur - Artist Teams

  • Jessica Cak of Barbette with artist Sarah Stengle
  • Alicia Hinze of The Buttered Tin with artist Amy Rice
  • Tracy Singleton of Birchwood Café with artist Ruthann Godollei
  • Anne Rucker of Bogart’s Doughnut Co with artist Alanna Stapleton
  • Laura Bonicelli of Bonicelli Kitchen with artist Kelly Marshall
  • Hanna Yemesrach Benti of Brava Truck with artist Cathy Missaghi
  • Lachelle Cunningham of Breaking Bread with artist Tina Hughes
  • Beth Jones of the Campus Club of the University of Minnesota with artist Joni Van Bockel
  • Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer of Chef Shack with artist Caitlin Karolczak
  • Mary Leonard of Chocolate Celeste with artist Karen Searle
  • Amy Brown and Heidi Andermack of Chowgirls Catering with artist Maggie Thompson
  • Dulce Monterrubio of Dulceria Bakery with artist Sharon Day
  • Kelly McManus of Dumpling & Strand with artist Sophia Heymans
  • Golnaz Yamoutpour of Eat.Drink.Dish with artist Susan Leschke
  • Erica Strait of Foxy Falafel with artist Farida Hughes
  • Beth Fisher of French Meadow Bakery and Cafe with artist Ann Ribbens
  • Arwyn Birch and Teresa Fox of Glamdoll Donuts with artist Jennifer Davis
  • Ky and Mel Guse of Gyst Fermentation Bar with artist Vatina McLaurin
  • Kelly Olsen of Han’s Bakery with artist Jane Bassuk
  • Aleks Till of Homegrown Foods with artist Lindsay Rhyner
  • Tasya Kelen of Isadore Nut Company with artist Marlena Myles
  • Susan Liesch of Jetset Bar with artist Gail Katz James
  • Molly Herrmann of Kitchen in the Market-Midtown Global Market with artist Camille Gage
  • Jenny Breen of Mill City Farmers Market with artist Rachel Breen
  • Susan Muskat of Moose & Sadie’s Neighborhood Café with artist Marcia Haffmans
  • Koshiki Yonemura of Tanpopo Noodle Shop with artist Elizabeth Garvey
  • Barb Zapzalka of Pumphouse Creamery with artist Asia Ward
  • Nettie Colon, of Red Hen Gastrolab with artist Beth Barron
  • Katie Myhre of RED Market with artist Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker
  • Jenny Ellenbecker of Round Lake Wineyards with artist Karen Gustafson
  • Michelle Gayer of Salty Tart Bakery with artist Anna Carlson
  • Jodi Ohlsen Read of Shepherd’s Way Farms with artist Maddy Bartsch
  • Lynne Rossetto Kasper of The Splendid Table with artist Carolyn Halliday
  • Diane Yang of Spoon and Stable with artist Teresa Paschke
  • Brenda Langton of Spoonriver Restaurant with artist Shelly Mosman
  • Liz Brockie of Spoonriver Restaurant with artist Celina Kane
  • Solveig Tofte of Sun Street Breads bakery with artist Cassie Kunshier
  • Ashlee Olds of Sweet Science Ice Cream with artist Robbie LaFleur
  • Robyn Frank of Thumbs Cookies with artist Nancy Condon
  • Tamra Kramer of VomFASS with artist Mary Logue
  • Ann Kim of Young Joni with artists Tracy Krumm, Carolyn Halliday, Kelly Nezworski and Ellie Gagner
  • Kim Bartmann, WCR President and restaurateur, with artist Tracy Krumm
  • Mecca Bos-Williams, Food Writer with artist Carmen Gutiérrez Bolger
  • Beth Dooley, Food Writer and Food Tour Guide with artist Kimber Olson
  • Kara Doucette, Yelp Community Manager, with artist Erin Lavelle
  • Stephanie Hansen, Food blogger & radio show host, with artist Marjorie Fedyszyn
  • Nalini Mehta, Food Consultant with artist Sandra Brick
  • Jametta Raspberry, Personal Chef, with artist Anne Kramer
  • Elizabeth Falkner, Culinary Instigator – video installation

Pictured from left:

Chefs Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson of Chef Shack (Tom Wallace, Star Tribune). “The most surprising part of working with our artist was the similarities in the brainstorming, highly creative, and intuitive process. Also, the challenges in both industries as women coming forward into leadership roles. Being on this team has been a mind-bending experience—colorful, and thought-provoking, and we are struck by the sheer strength, boldness and power of a woman artist.” –Lisa Carlson

Weaving in process by artist Cassie Kunshier. “Here is a sneak peek at the piece I’m creating in partnership with Solveig Tofte from Sun Street Breads. It’s inspired by the amazing flavors and ingredients Solveig uses in her bakery.”—Cassie Kunshier

Chef Nettie Colon of Red Hen Gastropub, paired with artist Beth Barron.

Felting in process by artist Kimber Olson, paired with Beth Dooley, Food Writer and Tour Guide.