Thursday, April 26, 12 – 1:30 pm

A discussion between artists and chefs moderated by Stephanie Hansen with artists and chefs in the exhibition: her partner Marjorie Fedyszyn, Jenny Breen/Rachel Breen; Lynne Rossetto Kasper/Carolyn Halliday; Carmen Gutiérrez Bolger; and Brenda Langton. Join us as four artist/chef teams come together to discuss their experience as collaborators. Hear how team members came together and got to know each other, how the chef partner provided inspiration for the artist, and how the artist worked through the creative process as their relationship with their culinary partner grew over the winter.

You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch!

Artists’ details pictured in the collage (clockwise, from top left): Tracy Krumm, Kimber Olson, Sandra Brick, Marcia Haffmans, Teresa Paschke, Cassie Kunshier, Susan Leschke, Tina Hughes, Nancy Condon

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