June 4 – August 18, 2018 • Susan Brandeis’ Lost Language extended through Saturday, August 25!

Artist Reception, Thursday June 7, 5:30 – 7:00PM

Whether it is about passing a thread or filament through a material to join pieces together, or used in the act of mending or repair, or added to an object or material for embellishment and decoration, the stitch has long been an essential and fundamental element of textile and fiber arts practice. Three artists, each with extensive experience in using the stitch in the act of art making, come together at Textile Center this summer to share their work through three unique exhibitions and special guest teaching artist workshops.

Director of Artistic Advancement Tracy Krumm speaks with MA Rosko of Fox 9 about the show.

Susan Brandeis, Lost Language, Joan Mondale Gallery

Brandeis presents an exhibition of work inspired by travel and the natural world, interpreted through digital printmaking, manipulation and stitching on fabric.  Inspiration from mark making, ranging from the petroglyphs of the American Southwest to the Celtic Script of Ogham in Wales, to Germanic runes and Egyptian hieroglyphics, has inspired work that involves texts that become imperfect through erasure, layering, and reuse of materials through expressive mark making using needle and thread.

In her exhibition statement, Brandeis writes: “The idea of ‘unreadable’ text provides the conundrum at the heart of this body of work,” where despite millennia trying to develop more precise means of communication, “human beings still create a great deal of miscommunication with each other.”

Tom Lundberg, Life Lines, Studio Gallery

In Lundberg’s work, the stitch, a practice handed down through time, carries memory and embodies the subject of time itself. His works contain fragments of memory and moments of everyday life, with references to mending, comfort and persistence. His small works, made with fabric scraps, some recognized as cuffs, or in the form of a badge or patches, are covered with masses of small stitches that blend color and texture in exquisite compositions that reflect dreamlike moments and often serve to unite the disparate that is part of a dreamlike world.

Susan Moss, Improvisation: Restraint, Community Gallery

Moss’s hand stitched drawings emerge from her desire to draw with thread in locating a drawing aesthetic in textile work to capture a sense of immediacy and improvisation. Images filled with domestic references, shadow, transparency and light are captured in a seemingly accidental way, through an expertise of process that comes with uniting material and process to support idea. Her focus on a lack of perfection serves as perfection itself, as she masters a marriage of purpose and spontaneity to capture a moment in time. Just announced: Workshop with Susan Moss: The Sketchbook Habit

Library Gallery:

Needlework Guild of MN
May 1 – June 30

Interlace: Rug Hooking
May 31 – June 16

Interlace: Embroidery
June 20 – July 7

St. Paul Needleworkers
July 1 – September 1

Sketchbooks: Stitch, Stitch, Stitch!
July 9 – September 1