September 3 – October 24, 2015 • Studio Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 3, 6 – 8 pm

Color theory defines “value” as the amount of light (white) or dark (black) in a color (hue). By juxtaposing light-value colors against dark-value colors, we create “Contrast.” Through contrast, the human eye can quickly identify the important design principles of proportion, line, form, texture, and movement.

The fashion industry has featured a vast number of black and white collections for the 2015-16 season. These collections were the epitome of high-value contrast principles. This intrigued the artists of Wearable Arts Midwest (WAM). They stepped it up a notch for their fall 2015 fashion show The Value of Contrast and added their creative interpretations to present a stunning high-value contrast clothing collection of their own.

Through the use of exciting and unique surface designs, textures, materials and techniques, our artists have pushed new boundaries and have created a show that is a ‘must see’ collection. –Wearable Arts Midwest

Artists’ work pictured above from left: Wendi Seminari, Marsha Theis, Ella Ramsey