It’s back to school time and that means it is time once again for our Textile ABC’s series. We featured the series on our Facebook page last year and this year, we bring it over to the website as well.  Each day we will pick a textile technique or two that start with a letter of the alphabet, tell you something about them and give you links to learn more.

Today we start with letters A, B & C.

Algerian eye sample, photo courtesy of

A is for the Algerian Eye Stitch.  Algerian Eye is also sometimes called the star stitch or star eyelet stitch and is often used in needlepoint or counted thread work.  You can learn all about the stitch and see a step by step tutorial at SharonB’s Stitch Dictionary.  (An amazing resource!)

A bow in progress. photo courtesy of

B is for Bow. Have you ever wanted to know how to tie the perfect bow with pretty ribbon?  Gabrielle at DesignMom has a fantastic tutorial showing three different ways to tie classy bows and she talks about which ones work best for which projects.

Wool crepe fabric, photo courtesy of

C is for Crepe.  Although it can also be a delicious dessert, the kind of crepe we want to tell you about is a fabric.  Crepe can be made from many different kinds of fibers (silk crepe, wool crepe) but it is recognized by its crinkled surface. The distinctive texture is created by using yarns with a very high twist so that they kink up slightly when they are woven.