August 24 – September 4, 2023 • Minnesota State Fairgrounds • Selections from A Common Thread 2022

Check out Textile Center’s display of selections from A Common Thread 2022 member show in the Creative Arts Building at the State Fair — another terrific collection of work that showcases the breadth and talent of our Textile Center member artists.

This year’s featured artists:

  • Terry Banovetz-Gerst, Felted Garment
  • Brenna Busse, Ready to Unfurl
  • Blanca Dahlin, Queer Native Love: A Portrait
  • Nancy Gehrig, Water Fish Water
  • Tina Hughes, In 100 Years, Will We Remember Ice?
  • Debbie Johnson, Cedar Waves
  • Joan Kloiber, Lichen on Tree Bark
  • Wynn Martin, Juke Box Saturday Night
  • Jes Reyes, Peak
  • Marcus Rothering, When You Start to Feel Like Your Dog
  • Susan Rotilie, Dragonfly
  • Lori Sebastian, Inspired by “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh

Be sure to also stop by the Fine Arts Exhibit, in the Fine Arts Building, where the presence of textiles and fiber art grow stronger every year.

Congrats goes to Zoe Lautz (Rochester), winner of the 2023 Textile Center Award for Excellence and Innovation!

“As I wandered around the Fine Arts building in awe of so many incredible artworks, this piece caught my attention immediately due to its vibrant colors. Looking closer, it was clear that every detail — the fabric, color choices and placement, and appliqué — was carefully considered and well executed. I’m excited to give Zoe and her quilt “That Curvy Girl” our Textile Center award this year!”
– Mia Finnamore, Textile Center Communications Manager

Congrats to the winners of the 2023 Basket Weaving at Textile Center Awards!

Basket Weaving at Textile Center is a new initiative that resulted when the Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild was dissolved.  Thank you to the (former) guild for providing funds for these special awards in 2023! (Textile Center does not select the winners.  They are chosen by the State Fair Judges in each division and class.)

This year’s First Place Winners, under the Handcrafts division, include:
Gail Mollner, Basketry- Plaited, class #558
Carol Brouillard, Basketry, Twined, class #559 and Basketry Ribbed, class #560
Pamela Erickson, Basketry- Coiled, class #561
Alice Ford, Basketry- Other or Mixed, class #562
Carol Brouillard, Sr. Citizen’s Award in Basketry, class #9501/923

Individual Works in the Exhibit