Congrats to our 2020 Spun Gold Award Winners:

Carolyn Halliday

Knitter, Teacher, and founding member of Textile Center’s National Artist Advisory Council

Her nominator Kimber Olson says:

“Carolyn should receive the Spun Gold award because she herself is spun gold. She is the living essence of commitment to the advancement of contemporary textile arts; to personal artistic development; to generously sharing her time, talent and knowledge with others; to the textile and broader arts communities; and to Textile Center and everything it represents to fiber arts and artists.”

Nancy Mambi

Textile Center Librarian

Her nominator Karen Weiberg says:

“Nancy Mambi is a wonderful hostess and tour guide for Textile Center through her role as librarian. She is capable of discussing any form of fiber art and techniques with anyone, ranging from the experienced artist to the beginner. She helps researchers from around the nation who access the Textile Center’s Library. She is a knowledgeable advocate for the Textile Center. Her enthusiasm and love for fiber art is contagious. She has a passion that is tireless.”

Mary Skoy

Weaver & Teacher

Her nominator Carla Adams says:

“Mary Skoy is deserving of the Spun Gold Award because she thinks as a fiber artist, dreams as one, designs her own work, produces a myriad of pieces from all facets of fiber arts and has been doing this her entire life. Even her holiday cards reflect her fiber art talents. She is an information-sharer, my favorite type of person. Helping others learn is in her DNA. She is generous in all areas of her life, from the classroom to her kitchen. You can count yourself blessed to be a friend of Mary Skoy.”

Ginny Smith

Owner of Ginny’s Fine Fabrics

Her nominator Ella Ramsey says:

“Ginny Smith has successfully run her shop for 40 years. She has been an advocate for small businesses and women-owned businesses in the Rochester area. Ginny runs one of the best fabric shops in the country. She is enthusiastic about fiber art, especially sewing, and she is a terrific guide to all types of fabrics. It is always fun to go to her shop for fabric, community, and a lot of laughs. One interesting thing she shares is she has never received a bad check!”

Past Spun Gold Winners:

Paul O’Connor – Weaver
Ellen Wells – Textile Art International Gallery Owner
Elsa Sreenivasam – Artist & Teacher
Margot Siegel – Fashion Reporter

Helen Kelly – Quilter
LaVern Bell – Sewer & Teacher
Homa Amir-Fazli – Teacher

Charlene Burningham – Beader, Weaver, Quilter & Teacher

Gladys Raschka – Quilter

Lila Nelson – Weaver

Walter Nottingham – Teacher
Ruth Waukazo – Beader & Teacher

Gini Corrick – Surface Design & Clothing Design

LaVonne Horner – Quilter
Marliss Jensen – Master Dyer & Surface Design
Lotus Stack – MIA Textile Curator
Nancy MacKenzie – Artwear & 3D Sculpture

Anna Smits – Weaver & Teacher
Wilma Gary – Quilter
Thelma Buckner – Quilter

Donna Pauley – Needleworker
Joan Skalbeck – Dyer
Karen Searle – Knitter, Teacher & Publisher

Norma Kenny – Quilter
Mary Temple – Weaver & Teacher

Marj Ford Sethna – Weaver

Susan Stein – Quilter
Diane Fitzgerald – Beader

Paula Pfaff – Weaver
Margaret Miller – Weaver & Founding Textile Center Executive Director

Becka Rahn – Surface Design & Teacher