Textile Center Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle membership allows me to be part of an inner circle of makers, appreciators, movers and shakers in the textile and fiber art world. We meet amazing artists who let us in on their creative process and techniques, and we find a thread that connects us through the experiences and passions we share in common.”Sherri West, Leadership Circle Member for 9 years

The Leadership Circle celebrates Textile Center annual fund donors who support our mission of honoring textile traditions and promoting excellence and innovation in fiber art by making contributions of $500 and above. Because members of the Leadership Circle are invaluable advocates and connectors for Textile Center, we are pleased to recognize their commitment through special events and activities with nationally and internationally renowned artists, as well as opportunities centered on fiber art. Each level of the Leadership Circle includes a complimentary membership, plus:

Silk Thread (Supporter) – $500: special recognition as Leadership Circle Member, and unique, behind-the-scenes fiber experiences (up to 3)

Cashmere (Benefactor) – $1,000: a private studio tour with a fiber artist and a commissioned, limited edition work of fiber art

Spun Gold (Patron) – $2,500: an intimate event with an exhibiting fiber artist


Spun Gold ($2,500+)

Margaret Baldwin

John & Sonia Cairns

Marilee DesLauriers & Jack Militello

Nancy Fulton

Scotty & Peter Gillette

Tina & Ken Hughes

Peggy Hunter & Douglas Wallace

Margaret Anderson Kelliher & David Kelliher

Rosemary Kessler

Deborah A & Ray Lipkin

Kathryn Anne Mack

Cyndi Kaye & David Meier

Paula & Larry Pfaff

Mimie Pollard & Alden Drew

Ella Ramsey

Mariana & Craig Shulstad

Cashmere ($1,000+)

Carla & Bruce Adams

Marty Allen

Elinor & Michael Auge

Jane & John Connett

Robert Davidian

Maggie & Chad Dayton

Melaura & Dan Duncan

Richard Gilyard & Sharon Emery

Carol Grim

Elizabeth Hlavka

Russell King

Kelly Marshall

Carol & Dennis Mashuga

Mary & Larry McIntyre

Jeanne & Al Michael

Sandy Morris

Donna Peterson

Lance Radziej & Megan Baney

Karl Reichert & Reynaldo Diaz

Mary Ann Schmidt

Ruth & Dennis Stephens

Karen Weiberg

Silk Thread ($500+)


Alice Adams, PhD

Wendy Anderson

Brenda Andrewson & Russell Welch

Julie & Dan Aulwes

Marian-Ortolf & Ayers Bagley

Beki Biesterfelt

Sharon Bigot

Julie Butler

Linda Boss

Mary Ellen Calderwood

Charlotte Cronin

Marilyn Dean

Robbin Firth

Mary J. Giles & Jim Harris

Lois Grassl

Michele Grindal

Nina Hale

Carolyn Halliday & C.R. Schult

Rose Hamerlinck

Debra Hunt

Audrey & Chris Henningson

Jeanne Hilpisch & Brian Lutterman

Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker

Darius Homayounpour

Laurie Jacobi

Gretchen Jansen

Tracy Krumm

Renay Leone

Jean McMahon & Robert Deck

Linda McShannock

Joyce Melander

Katheryn Menaged

Margaret Miller & Jenise Rowekamp

Anne Mockovak

Sharon Mulhollam

Leone Murphy

Rosanne Nathanson

Cindy Owen

Rachel Rushing & Dwight Warkentin

Amy Shebeck

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen & Kraig Thayer Rasmussen

Susan Welsh

Mary Temple

Nancy Werner-Azarski & James Azarski

Sherri West & John MacDonald

Wendy & Rodney West

Sandy Worthing