February 21 – April 12, 2023

With this exhibition, we welcomed artists from our program partner, Interact Center. This exhibition, in our Community Gallery, was a part of Textile Center’s 2023 Fiber Art for All week.

Curator Statement:

“In selecting this work, I wanted to showcase how the fiber artists at Interact question why things are done a certain way. If you are going to knit a cape, the process is to think about the function, and to design from that point forward. The artists featured here are working from “what if.” What if I combine hard and soft? What if I render a human figure with a color explosion? What if I layer needle felting over a loom weaving? Devra Goldstein, HML, Kandis Ogborn, BDG Wolfe, and Ona Williams challenge artistic order in their work. There’s a kind of questioning that comes from not learning in a traditional way. If the traditional way is A, B, C, D, then the Interact way is J, A, Q, puple, 7. It’s a kind of deconstruction where a large motivating factor is what inspires the artist.” 

Curator Bio:

Emmanuelle Quinn has practiced at Interact Center for Visual & Performing Arts since 2017. Their recent weavings and drawings focus on geometric patterns, bright colors, and fluid shapes with, as they say, “a touch of the absurd.” They are also deeply interested in collaboration and curation, and in 2019, they co-edited the first issue of Interact Zine. Quinn has exhibited work in exhibitions throughout Minnesota, including Interact Gallery, Artspace Jackson Flats, and Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. 

Artwork: BDG Wolfe, Let’s Be a Unicorn; HML, Tidal Wave; Kandis Ogborn, A

Interact Center 

1860 Minnehaha Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Interact is a progressive visual art studio and theater company whose work challenges perceptions of disability. Since 1996, Interact has worked to advance the recognition of professional working artists, uniting disparate artistic identities, abilities, and backgrounds in the spirit of radical inclusion.