September 5 – October 21, 2017 • Studio Gallery

Artist Reception: Thursday, September 7, 6 – 7:30 pm
Overflow parking: 3300 University Ave SE (surface lot 3 blocks east of Textile Center)

Kuder’s new work involves a temporary installation of an environment, using images and objects that inspire viewers to use their imagination by asking questions that have no wrong answers. She is the recipient of a FY 2017 Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and is teaching an October workshop, Working off the Wire Mesh Grid, in conjunction with her exhibition.

Artist statement: Kristi Kuder

False facts. Fake news. Alternative history. How do people deal with the contradictory, uncertain, and illogical aspects of life in a highly systematic and self-evident society?

As a sculptor and installation artist, I apply fiber and textile processes to wire and wire mesh in response to these diametric conditions. My work is often about the illusory boundaries and deceptive places in our lives—our incongruent memories, biased sense of reality, and conflicted relationship with nature and the world at large. I’m intrigued by the process of comprehension and understanding within this context.

I work with wire mesh because it has the unique ability to both reflect and filter light as well as be delicate yet strong. Wire mesh causes the vessels and sculptures I create to appear illusive and fragile even though they are not. Each piece is a veiled membrane of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum that expresses ambiguity and invites the viewer to look beyond the surface into the more intimate space within. I seek to express through my art that intersection where clarity and ambiguity touch.

Bio for Kristi Kuder

Exhibitions are supported in part with funds from the Joan Mondale Gallery Endowment.