July 25 – August 31, 2013 • Joan Mondale Gallery

Vox Stellarum: An Installation of Silk Itajime Panels and Sculptures

Award-winning artist, author, and teacher Elin Noble was inspired to create Vox Stellarum by the 18th century prints of German theologian Jakob Scheucher, who believed science and sacred scriptures were not mutually exclusive. For the series, Noble utilizes the itajime clamp-resist process of folding and clamping the silk organza, then selectively removing the sericin (silk gum). The result: an exquisite interplay between transparency and opaqueness, and a subtle shifting of moiré patterns when pieces are hung together and the cloth gently moves.

“I seek to fill the room with the transformative qualities of cloth in space.” -Elin Noble

“A master artisan of myriad fabric art materials” -Artscope, March 2013

Elin Noble, a nationally and internationally known artist, lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She has spent more than 30 years investigating the nuances of applying dyes to cloth. Noble has exhibited her cloth and quilts widely, recently in the group exhibitions Fiberart International ’13 (Pittsburgh, PA), Quilt National ’13 (Athens, OH), East and West: Asian Influences on Contemporary American Craft (Columbus, OH), and Energy Nexus (Hong Kong). In 2012, a one-person exhibition of her work was at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, N.Y. In 2014, she will have a one-person exhibition at La Connor Quilt and Textile Museum in La Connor, WA.