July 17 – August 16, 2014 • Community & Library Galleries • Minnesota Contemporary Quilters

What does the word “cycles” bring to mind? In addressing this question, 39 members of Minnesota Contemporary Quilters each have their own interpretation–whether it be the human cycle, animal life cycle, menstrual cycle, transportation, planetary orbit, recycle, election cycles, or seasonal cycles. Members have incorporated threads, photos, fabric, and even a bicycle tire tube into their takes on this theme.

Participating Artists:

LaVonne Batalden
Nancy Birger
Barbara J. Bonifas
Debbie Boyles
Joan Carver
Nancy Condon
Edith Ann Dalleska
Leah Doherty
Martha A. Eaves
Carol Egan
Sharon Englund
Kathy Faust
Jenny Gants Moen
Theresa Halverson
Carol Hancuh
Gail Hanson
Mimi Holmes
Tina  Hughes
Andrea Johnson
Donna Jorgensen
Karen Knoll
Peg LaSota
Peg Lindberg
Zeeda Magnuson
Sally Mortenson
Joann Nordin
Barbara Otto
Mimi Pollard
Jan Schmidt
Wanda Shelton
Vivien Smith
Debra Svedberg
Anne Tiller

photo (above) by Karen Knoll