July 6 – August 26, 2017 • Community Gallery

We humans love small things – babies, kitties, miniatures. Think about how small we are in the universe when looking up at the night sky. HGTV has shows about small houses – which are 200 square feet or less. It’s fascinating to see how people are designing their tiny places to live.

We also love things that are BIG. Like going to see the biggest boar (usually about 1100 pounds) and the biggest pumpkin (1143 pounds) this year at the State Fair. Standing at the bottom of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, looking up at him – he’s 19 feet tall. Or how about the World’s Largest Ball of String located in Darwin, MN; it’s 12 feet in diameter.

As you look at the exhibit, it’s fun to see what represents big and small to our MCQ members. It could be comparisons, blocks sizes, shapes, realistic images and many other things. We hope these art quilts inspire you to think about the big and small things in your world.  -Minnesota Contemporary Quilters


  • LaVonne Bataldon
  • Nancy Birger
  • Barb Bonifas
  • Debbie Boyles
  • Joan Carver
  • Diane Conner
  • Leah Doherty
  • Carol Egan
  • Sharon England
  • Karrie Flater
  • Jenny Gants Moen
  • Carol Hancuh
  • Norma Hanlon
  • Tina Hughes
  • Caron Lage
  • Peg LaSota
  • Zeeda Magnuson
  • Carol Mashuga
  • Sally Mortenson
  • Joann Nordin
  • Judy Osbon
  • Mimie Pollard
  • Maureen A. Ohland
  • Dee Schultz
  • Wanda Shelton
  • Lisa Taglia
  • Jeanette Van Bockel

Pictured: Bumbershoots by Carol Hancuh