Art Speaks: Abdul Jabbar Khatri & Sufiyan Khatri

June 28, 2019 • 4 pm • FREE • Located in Textile Center’s Auditorium

Welcome Abdul Jabbar Khatri & Sufiyan Khatri from Bhuj, Gujarat, India! Join us for a free Art Speaks presentation, as Abdul Jabbar and Sufiyan discuss how the international market provides incredible opportunities to support Indian artisans. Beautiful Bandhani tie dyes and Ajrakh block printed textiles will be available for purchase to support their work!

Abdul Jabbar Khatri
Abdul Jabbar Khatri belongs to a community of tie-dyers in Bhuj, in the Kutch District, Gujarat State, India. In 1992, he and his brother, Abdullah, started dyeing professionally, making cotton dresses, dupattas, and sarees for the Indian market. A huge earthquake in 2001 shattered homes and businesses in Kutch, and work became dependent on commercial traders and local market demands, with no creative satisfaction or control. A workshop on natural dyeing changed his life and inspired him to create only the highest level artistic work. The brothers have since created a niche for Sidr Craft, and are known for their technical finesse, attention to detail, and openness to experimentation.

Sufiyan Khatri
Sufiyan Ismail Khatri is a 10th generation artisan whose family has been involved in the art of Ajrakh printing since the 15th century. As a child he grew up listening to lots of stories about Ajrakh, it’s traditions and philosophy. By the time he was 14 years old, he was an apprentice to his grandfather, who shaped his thinking and understanding of the craft. For Khatri and his community, Ajrakh is a way of life. Working in the Ajrakh craft workshops not only gradually leads to an increase in important skills, but also continues to act as an important medium of education, nourishment, and philosophy in their community.