Art Speaks: Artisans, Textiles, and Travels in Morocco discussion with Dr. Susan Schaefer Davis

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 • 4 pm CST • FREE • Virtual

Join us in conversation with Dr. Susan Schaefer Davis as she discusses her work with Moroccan women artisans over several decades, and the content of her book Women Artisans of Morocco, which is featured in the Fiber Art From A to Z auction.

Susan Schaefer Davis is an anthropologist who has been fascinated by Moroccan women since she worked with them in a rural center in the Peace Corps in the mid-sixties. From that time she has admired their feisty, independent spirits, so unlike the Western stereotype of Muslim women. She returned to do her PhD to better understand this, and has been involved with them ever since, in teaching or consulting or research. Three books and many articles have resulted from this work, and she also lead tours (some of you have been!) where they meet artisans and others in their homes, in an effort to bridge cultural gaps.

This artist talk was part of Textile Center’s Fiber Art for All week, a festive week celebrating one of America’s most enduring and popular art forms.