Art Speaks: Introducing Mayumi Amada

Thursday, August 26, 2021 12 – 1:30 pm CT
• Via Zoom

Meet local textile artist Mayumi Amada, who came to the US from Japan in 1998 as an ESL student at the U of MN and worked her way through the MFA program in 2006. Amada’s Art Speaks will present her journey of creating artwork using the doily as a motif and crochet as her process. Her current work involves working environmentally, in the landscape, and recently work has focused on mortality in eternity and eternity in mortality. She explores themes such as repeated generations, ancestry, and the circle of life, with a focus on the meaning of ephemeral life. Through her work, she hopes that viewers have a moment to think about their own lives and are motivated to consider what they want to or need to do to lead a fulfilling life. Visit us at Textile Center to see one of her small pieces in person during our current A Common Thread exhibition — and join us on Zoom for this digital event to meet her and share her joy of creating textile art, with a Q&A session at the end!

About Mayumi Amada:

Mayumi Amada was born in a small rural town in Japan. Since childhood, she loved making things with her hands and dreamt of becoming an artist. Learning to crochet was a gift from her grandmother, who taught her to crochet as a child. Crochet has since become an important skill that she cannot separate from her art making. In 1998, Amada came to the US as an ESL student at the U of MN, where she discovered she could take art classes and eventually completed her MFA in 2006. Since then, she has had solo MAEP artist exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, completed a residency at the Bemis Center in Omaha, and completed numerous other studio projects. She currently resides and works in the supportive arts community of Minneapolis!

View the recording of the Art Speaks here: