November 1 – December 24, 2016 • Library Gallery

8 fiber artists present 14 pieces of art inspired by a Walt Whitman poem.

This exhibition will challenge patrons to share a common experience through poetry, music and fiber art via the lens of Walt Whitman’s evocative imagery. It intends to address a number of underserved areas in the arts: the composition and performance of new music, exhibition of contemporary textile art, and accessibility to people with low-vision and blindness. Most of the pieces can be gently touched. Snippets of the poems will be in Braille next to pieces of art.

Opening reception: Wednesday, November 2, 6 – 9 pm
A few short poems that have been set to original music will be sung live by soprano Janet Grove, with accompanist Walter Tambor, piano.

Produced by Common Strands

Artists Represented

  • Lila Boehland – Minnesota
  • Patty Salo Down – Minnesota
  • Karen Gubitz – Illiois
  • Laure Jacobi – Minnesota
  • Anita Jain – Finland/Minnesota
  • Minna Jain – Colorado
  • Leena Mela Reiker – Oregon
  • Chaiki O’Brian – Japan/MN
Soprano – Janet Grove
Accompanist – Walter Tambor, piano

Pictured: Spirals of Life 1 by Karen Gubitz
Inspired by the poem: “We Two – How Long We Were Fool’d”