July 26 – October 15, 2022

The A Common Thread annual member exhibition is back for its 22nd year! Always a favorite, this exhibition showcased a fabulous array of fiber art created by Textile Center’s members!

Each year, over a hundred artworks adorn the walls of Textile Center’s galleries (this year, more than 130!) in this open-call member exhibition that is as diverse in technique as it is prolific in scope. Techniques include stitching, quilting, knitting, crochet, sewing, weaving, dyeing, felting, needlework, hand construction, polymer clay, lacemaking, basketry, beading, sculpture, mixed media, and more.

Join us for the opening reception! Wednesday, August 3, 5 – 7:30 pm
Indoor & outdoor public visiting spaces • Masks required indoors

This festive reception will take place throughout our facility, and we will also set up tents behind the building for refreshments. DJ Rey will return to spin the tunes, and we look forward to showcasing our dye garden, which is being tended by a terrific group of volunteers.

Please note: the majority of Textile Center’s rear parking lot will be reserved for event space. Accessible parking spots will remain available.
  • Textile Center is just steps from the Prospect Park Green Line stop!
  • Bike rack available on Arthur Ave
  • Textile Center parking lot at 3018 University Ave SE
  • Hourly street parking on Arthur Avenue and other neighborhood streets (please obey parking signs)
  • University of Minnesota Prospect Park parking ramp at 390 29th Avenue SE is open to the public for $1 hr/ after 3 pm. Enter and exit on 29th Avenue SE only (see photo below)
  • Carpooling and drop off/pick up encouraged!

(Image: Madonna and Child, Sean Paul Gallegos)


Mariam Abuisnaineh
Alejandro Jose Aguilera Duarte
Laura Albertson
Rose Allen
Susan Allison-Hatch
Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Kim Baird
Peggy Baldwin
Terry Banovetz-Gerst
Jane Bassuk
Elizabeth Baum
Astrid Hilger Bennett
Beki Biesterfelt
Sandra Bot-Miller
Amelia Bovitz
Debbie Boyles
Lee Bradford
Judy Bratt
Sandra Brick
Kehayr Brown-Ransaw
Brenna Busse
Anna Carlson
Emily Chesick
Blanca Dahlin
Rita Dauka
Susan Vroman Day
Katie DeCosse
Peg Deppe
Katherine Dyer
Mickey Ellis
Gayle Ericksen
Cynthia Ericksmoen
Mattie Ernst
Jocelyn Suzuka Figueroa
Katherine Simon Frank

Sean Paul Gallegos
Nancy Gehrig
Georgia Greeley
Sharon Grosh
Leslie Hall
Carolyn Halliday
Carol Hancuh
Norma Hanlon
Jan Marie Hayman
Susan Hensel
Maribeth Hite
Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker
Mary Holland
Karen Holmes
Tina Hughes
Debbie Johnson
Margaret Mousley Kielty
Riley Kleve
Joan Kloiber
Marcia Krieger
Tracy Krumm
Candy Kuehn
Lin Lacy
Robbie LaFleur
Lisa Larson
Daoder Lee
Lisa Lehman
Karen Lehman
Renay Leone
Peg Lindberg
Eric Lindell
Pam Lipe
Mary Lofgren
Kathy Mack
Debra Maertens

Karen Mallin
Nancy Mambi
Lainey Mankowski
Wynn Martin
Liz McAllister
Jerry McClelland
Layl McDill
Cyndi Kaye Meier
Nadine Mercil
Diane Moncrieff
Helane Monsour
Bob Mosier
Susan Moss
Sophia Munic
Phoenix Niewidok
Laura Nisi
Jane Obern
Suzanne O’Brien
Chiaki O’Brien
Sofia Osterlund
Neve Palubicki
Alonzo Pantoja
Anupama Pasricha
Mandy Pedigo
Dawn Marie Perault
Sarah Peterson
Trina Porte
Nancy Potek
Isabelle Prozinski
Lilly Ramalingam
Ella Ramsey
Jan Rapacz
Erica Rasmussen
Wen Redmond
Merry Reimler

Jes Reyes
Wendy Richardson
Marcus Rothering
Susan Rotilie
Gwen Schagrin
Clara Schreiber
Karen Searle
Lori Sebastian
Barbara Sferra
Amanda Shopa
Shelley Shreffler
Mariana Shulstad
Dolores Slowinski
Helen Smith Stone
Ann Somers
Karen Sorensen
Rebecca Speakes
Alanna Stapleton
Ruth Stephens
Tressa Sularz
Nicole Thomas
Dawn Tomlinson
Bonnie Wedge
Barbara Whitney Askew
Rebecca Yaker Bird
Ivonne Yáñez
Wendie Zekowski
Carrie Zirbes

Exhibitions are supported in part by funds from the Joan Mondale Gallery Endowment.