September 8 – October 26, 2016 • Library and Community Galleries
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 8, 6 – 8 pm • Free

Promoting awareness of the devastating impact of domestic violence.

Artist Statement

As a child, I repeatedly witnessed my father’s violence towards my mother. The mental and physical effects of domestic violence permeated our daily lives, which caused terror and misery for our entire family. Growing up in this environment has had a deep and lasting impact. As a result, for the past six years, I have dedicated my practice to raising awareness about domestic violence.

I work predominantly within the realm of paper, using the process of Joomchi. By adapting this age-old-technique, I transform paper into a unique textile-like material. I equate paper to the human body. It is fragile and has implications for violence. It can be ripped, torn and crumbled. However, it can also be mended and sewn back together.

I believe art is an effective medium to instigate social change, especially in environments where taboo topics are usually swept under the carpet. Because art is often displayed in ‘safe venues,’ it can tackle difficult issues. This encourages conversation, increases understanding, and leads to serious debate.  -Julie Sirek

Textile Center exhibitions are supported in part by funds from the Joan Mondale Endowment.

Photo: Please Daddy Stop, 2015