January 10 – March 2, 2019

Our A Common Thread member exhibition is always a favorite, featuring a great array of fiber art created by Textile Center’s members. Join us for the Artist Reception, Thursday, January 10, 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Exhibit runs through March 2, 2019.

Now in its 19th year, A Common Thread showcases the breadth and talent of Textile Center members. 122 artworks will adorn the walls of Textile Center’s galleries in an exhibition that is as diverse in technique as it is prolific in scope. Submitted from among nearly 1,000 Textile Center members, fiber art techniques represented will include weaving, quilting, knitting, crochet, sewing, dyeing, felting, needlework, hand construction, polymer clay, lacemaking, basketry, beading, sculpture and mixed media.

To learn about some of the participating artists and their creations, check out our A Common Thread Artist Feature Series on Facebook!

Photo: A Circle of Blessings, Sandra Bot-Miller

“A Common Thread 2019 brings together Textile Center’s members for this annual celebration of work honoring textile tradition and innovation. This inspirational exhibition highlights the accomplishments of these artists and makers and welcomes all levels of ability and expertise. From colorful and patterned surface design and dyed works; to meticulous stitched and quilted pieces that range from wearable to pictorial to photographic; to weavings that are spontaneous and symbolic; to sculptural forms of gesture and contemplation, the processes of textile practice are broad and the quality of practice runs deep.” — Tracy Krumm, Textile Center’s Director of Artistic Advancement

Exhibiting Artists:

Jeanne Aaron
Rose Allen
Susan Allison-Hatch
Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Jeanne Back
Kim Baird
Peggy Baldwin
Terry Banovetz-Gerst
Lynn Bartley
Jane Bassuk
Elizabeth Baum
Beki Biesterfelt
Nancy Birger
Sandra Bot-Miller
Debbie Boyles
Lisa Brenner
Sandra Brick
Lucy Brusic
Barbara Buchanan
Mary Ellen Calderwood
Anna Calingaert
Anna Carlson
Joan Carver
Emily Chesick
Kate Clover
Nancy Condon
Yvonne Cory
Edith Ann Dalleska
Susan Day
Katie DeCosse
Reynaldo Diaz

Janet Dixon
Lindsey Dyer
Kit Eastman
Evee Erb
Marjorie Fedyszyn
Robbin Firth
Katherine Simon Frank
Jan Gjerde
Judy Grasamke
Michelle Greenhouse
Faith Hagenhofer
Carolyn Halliday
Carole Hallman
Norma Hanlon
Roxanne Hardy
Doreen Hartzell
Susan Hensel
Astrid Hilger Bennett
Maribeth Hite
Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker
Jessica Huang
Tina Hughes
Peggy Hunter
Laurel Izard
Janet Jacobson
Janet Johnson
Joan Kloiber
Jenny Knavel
Susan Koefod
Linda Kollofski
Rene Kraus

Kristi Kuder
Candy Kuehn
Phillippa Lack
Robbie LaFleur
Elizabeth Lanzatella
Renay Leone
Susan Leschke
Cecile Lewis
Mary Logue
Heather MacKenzie
Debra Maertens
Karen Mallin
Nancy Mambi
Jean Manrique
Carol Mashuga
Doroth Mayer
Layl McDill
Jean McMahon
Cyndi Kaye Meier
Kathy Miller
Catherine Missaghi
Susan Moss
Melissa Nellis
Chiaki O’Brien
Dina O’Sullivan
Anupama Pasricha
Doris Petrie
Trina Porte
Nancy Potek
Ann Poulson
Ella Ramsey

Wen Redmond
Catherine Reed
Jes Reyes
Nora Rickey
Gino Sahagun
Deanna Sanderson
MaryEllen Sax
Clara Schreiber
Carol Schweickhardt
Karen Searle
Wanda Shelton
Mariana Shulstad
Tom Skogstrom
Ann Somers
Karen Sorensen
Rebecca Speakes
Ruth Stephens
Helen Stoerzinger
Tressa Sularz
Jacqueline Swanson
Mayumi Takahashi
Jane Tracy
Kathryn Urberg
Kate Vinson
Barbara Wanamaker
Beatrice Westerberg
Peggy Wright
Kathy Yerich
Wendie Zekowski

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Exhibitions are supported in part by funds from the Joan Mondale Gallery Endowment.