Class proposals are always accepted from qualified instructors on topics and techniques that support our mission. Classes are scheduled on a trimester basis. If you would like to submit a proposal, your information must be received by the due dates below for review by our Education Department:

Summer Trimester – May through August – Proposals due January 1
Fall Trimester – September through December – Proposals due May 1
Winter Trimester – January through April – Proposals due September 1

  • Course Description. Include goals, skills learned, timeline, outcomes, and how you will evaluate.
  • Schedule. Describe the number of teaching hours and general format of the class. (ie. 3 evenings for 3 hours each.)
  • Materials & Equipment. Include an approximate materials fee paid to the instructor and a summary of the supplies students will be required to bring to class.
  • Classroom. Include what facilities and workspace is needed. For example, dye lab and classroom space, white boards, extension cords, ironing boards.
  • Students. Clearly describe the skills or pre-requisite knowledge students need.
  • Teacher Information. Provide name and contact information, website (or other online info), resume that speaks to your experience and qualifications.
  • Images. Include 2-3 photos that represent the projects/techniques you will be doing in class.

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