From soft pinks to rich purples, plants can yield an amazing color palette. Not only are they beautiful, natural dyes and natural dye practices are moving to the forefront of dyeing and surface design across the world. The benefits to the environment, the creators, and the value of our textiles are recognized and a movement back to original dye materials and techniques has begun. It’s a tradition that innovation, artistry, and conscientiousness can be built upon.

Combining demonstrations, presentations, and hands-on student participation, this workshop will immerse students in the world of natural dyes and environmentally friendly practices. Rupa and Priti will begin with a look at common fibers such as cotton and then move on to using flowers to print on fabric, compounding shades, and multiple dyeing and surface design techniques. There will be experimentation with mordants to see the impact they have on color. We will also touch on water conservation and sustainable fashion practices. Supply list available soon.

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This workshop is presented in partnership with Khazana Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. A special Trunk Show will be held at Khazana Sunday, July 9, 12-5 pm. Click here for more information.

About Adiv Pure Nature

Adiv Pure Nature, founded by Rupa Trivedi, is a seven-year-old social venture based in Mumbai. Its aim is to propagate the use of natural dyes on textiles thereby creating a sustainable, green fashion supply chain.

Adiv prides itself on using natural dyes derived from plants and medicinal herbs. It endeavors to contribute to the conservation of nature by adopting the waste recycling method that uses recyclable flowers from temples, coconut husks, and other such materials and convert it into natural dyes.

The force behind the organization are the hand-dyers themselves—a small group self-taught, talented youngsters who come from challenging backgrounds in the city.As part of the organization’s environmental friendly ethos, it works only with natural fabrics. It also aims to create synergies with other segments of the industry through creative tie-ups with handloom weavers and block printers across India.
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Adiv Pure Nature Dyeing Team

The Adiv Dyeing Team is an eclectic and experimental motley of self-taught urban artisans who have tackled head-on the challenges of survival in a city like Mumbai.

Their unusual and innovative textile designers have handcrafted and blended nature’s colourful romance, and represented them in exquisitely delicate fabrics and garments. Under the able guidance of Rupa, they create magic out of these ‘living colours’ to reflect the beauty of natural dying and their own unique interpretation of the essence of Shibori art.

Adiv provides them not only with steady income but also a patient and positive environment to blossom and develop their latent creativity.

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