Here are 5 things you might not know about the Textile Center Ellen Erede Wells Dye Lab:

  • We have a dye lab training sessions scheduled every month to teach you everything you need to know about renting the lab. Please register in advance!
  • If you are a member of Textile Center, you can rent the lab for all of your own messy dye projects.  It costs just $45 for the day.
  • The dye lab has equipment to make it a safe space for you to work in.  This includes 4 ventilation hoods, eye wash station, and fire extinguisher.
  • The steam cabinet in the lab can hold 18 yards of fabric and steam it all at once.
  • The 40-gallon dye vat in the lab is a re-purposed bagel cooker. The steam jacketed design is ideal for keeping a dye bath at a consistent temperature.

(The fabric above was dyed by Susan Antell who teaches “A Color Wheel in Cotton,” one of the great intro classes for learning about dyes.)