As our nation moves through a time of transition, we need art now more than ever. Textile Center’s programs and services enable and support a vibrant fiber art community. Would you consider becoming a donor to Textile Center’s Annual Fund?

A letter from Nancy Mambi, Librarian:

“For more than 10 years now, I have had the privilege to serve as your librarian at the Textile Center Pat O’Connor Library, overseeing the growth of our collection from around 17,000 books and periodicals to more than 30,000 today. I’m proud to spend my days at Textile Center, an incredible place of art and inspiration. Our art center thrives because so many people step up and support our mission as donors, members, and volunteers.

I’m writing to seek your support for Textile Center’s annual fund. Your tax-deductible contribution helps keep our organization strong, supporting our education programs for youth and adults, our library, and exhibitions.

As a librarian, I am always thinking about how books can transform lives and organizations. In fact, I recall our founder, Margaret Miller sharing how the 1979 book – Anonymous Was A Woman: A Celebration in Words and Images of Traditional American Art and the Women Who Made It – inspired the creation of Textile Center in the early 1990s in order to have a place where fiber art work can be celebrated as art.

While working a part-time job at Susan Stein’s Colorful Quilt shop, I discovered a love of fiber and quilting. Immersing myself in the colors and textures became a soothing reprieve from my weekdays working in the St. Paul Public Schools. After retiring, I decided to put my background in library science to use at Textile Center as a volunteer, and then joined the staff as librarian when the positioned opened up.

During the past decade, this library has become my passion. My mission is to make it an outstanding research resource, a pleasing place for patrons to find materials to inspire their work, a calm and welcoming space for anyone to stop in to read a magazine or browse for a book, chat with their friends about the artwork in the Library Gallery, or to find calm just being around books and amidst art in order to restore peacefulness after a hard day. I want the Library to become for all of our patrons what it became for me – a respite.

I love being surrounded by art, beauty, and knowledge. I see how Textile Center inspires so many people to muster the courage to share their creativity through show and tell, and to receive feedback and encouragement.

There’s nothing better in life than to be able to share something with someone else, and that’s what Textile Center is all about.

We rely on the contributions of our community to exist. You have been generous in the past. Would you consider stepping up this year and making a contribution toward this worthy cause?

It is because of you that we are more than 30,000 volumes strong, that we maintain the collections of 16 different textile guilds, that we were able to add a community tools checkout program, that we are in fact one of the largest circulating textile libraries in the country.

Here are three easy ways to invest in Textile Center:

  1. Make an online donation on this page
  2. Spread your investment farther by signing up for monthly payments;
  3. Consider a gift of appreciated stock (total value may be tax-deductible).

Libraries are pillars of democracy. As Marcus Tillius Cicero (a Roman philosopher, politician, orator, political theorist, consul, and constitutionalist) said, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Textile Center has more than a garden and a library. It has hope, calm, inspiration, friendship, and willing artists to help you along your artistic journey.


Nancy Mambi
Textile Center Pat O’Connor Librarian

Learn more about the Leadership Circle, a special category of donation, here.