Textile Center has opened a whole new world of fiber forms to me

Katie DeCosse

Textiles and fiber art have been lifelong passions of mine. As a child I learned to sew, and later took up crocheting. When I joined Textile Center as a Shop Associate in February 2016, I had no idea how much Textile Center would mean to me five years later. I have met so many wonderful people who are willing to share their knowledge of fiber art with me. Thanks to the encouragement I receive at Textile Center, I now consider myself a fiber artist.

Textile Center has opened a whole new world of fiber forms to me. I have learned that I can easily dye yarn to any color I want. When I took a rug hooking class two years ago, I discovered that it is the perfect art form for me to express myself. I am now dyeing wool fabric for rugs to make my projects come alive with color, and this month I will teach my first “Introduction to Traditional Rug Hooking” class.

During this season of giving, I am writing with a simple request: will you make a gift to support Textile Center’s work to reach out to people like you and me and foster a passion and appreciation for fiber art?  Your gift will help us “honor textile traditions, promote excellence and innovation, and inspire widespread participation in fiber art.”

“Textile Center” 2019 Hooked Rug by Katie DeCosse, in honor of our 25th Anniversary.

Textile Center nourishes my passion for color. Even in the darkest days of winter, my spirits rise when I walk through the doors of Textile Center and participate in its programs.

In these troubled times, Textile Center is more important than ever to me. My worries about the pandemic, racial injustice, social unrest, and the election recede thanks to the peace and calm I find at Textile Center. Additionally, I have found that our current series of “We Are the Story” exhibitions provide me a perfect opportunity to process the events of this past year. The heartfelt beauty of the quilts and the stories they tell give me cause for reflection. I feel so fortunate to have the Textile Center as a place of refuge and peace.


Katie DeCosse
Fiber artist, teaching artist, and Textile Center Shop Associate

Textile Center makes it easy to give in a variety of ways:

  • Give appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares (which may be more tax efficient than cash) .
  • Make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA. The IRA Charitable Rollover law allows those 70½ and older to give up to $100,000 without paying federal income tax upon withdrawal.
  • Ensure your contribution goes further by choosing to make your online gift “sustaining,” and your credit card will be charged monthly.
  • Join our Leadership Circle, a special category of membership and support, which provides access to special making and artist events, tours, and other exciting opportunities!

If you have any questions about these options, contact Karl Reichert at kreichert@textilecentermn.org