March is Women’s History Month – celebrate with new items from Textile Center Shop:

Smart Women items express the wit, intelligence, and smarts applied to the everyday experiences of extraordinary women.  Smart is about making choices and making do; making amends and mending your socks.  Smart Women products are fun, practical household gift items with a meaningful message. Informed by a do-it-yourself spirit, creative vision, and commitment to community, the items puts a contemporary spin on the domestic arts learned from St. Paul-based founder Julie Hellwich’s clever Midwestern grandmothers, Betty and Gert.

Julie wants women to know that the things women do make a difference. By living and breathing their politics and convictions on a daily basis, (whether running errands, running the office, or running FOR office) Smart Women make the world everyday.

Smart Women Work Together blue ceramic mug, 16oz, $12 each

Smart Women Crave Good Company glass, 15oz, $10 each

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