How do you keep kids engaged after school and teach new skills in a fun, productive way? Get creative!

Introducing the Youth Fiber Art Guild™, a once-a-month activity club for ages 9 and up, brought to you by Textile Center. In the old days, guilds were secret societies, but not any more—anyone can join! And now, until December 16 – Textile Center members will receive FREE SHIPPING on each guild order!

Here’s how it works: Every month*, each Guild member receives an exciting new project kit packed with tools and materials to make unique wearable items and gifts using fiber art techniques from around the world… along with easy-to-follow instructions and online videos geared to young leaders with minimal adult supervision. Everyone will love making cool stuff out of real sheep’s wool, unusual fabrics, colorful fabric paints, looms and more.

Already tested and approved at four Twin Cities locations, Youth Fiber Art Guild is a diverse, hands-on way of learning that incorporates multicultural history, creative problem-solving, artistic expression and leadership development—all disguised as play! Even kids who say they have no talent will be amazed at their own creativity, leadership abilities and confidence.

Sign up now for Fall 2016! Visit for details. Annual membership includes an illustrated guidebook, materials, instructions, online demos and more, all for $80 per student! Don’t miss out!

Check out the Youth Fiber Art Guild website or download our membership form today!

*The official Youth Fiber Art Guild program runs 8 months, from October to May, but you may choose to keep your Guild chapter going and growing all year long.