Textile Center By Appointment

To book your free appointment: Click on a green date on the calendar; click on the time you’d like;  then click the red box “book now.” This will add the time slot to your shopping cart. Then, click shopping cart icon or “view cart” in the upper-right-hand corner, and continue all the way through the checkout process, and click “place order.”


  • Select an appointment time between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm, Tuesday through Friday.

  • Visits begin on the hour, and are limited to 45 minutes. We will be sanitizing the last 15 minutes of every hour to prepare for the next visitors.

  • A limited number of people will be able to sign up per time block. If the date appears in red, all time slots for the day are taken.

  • Visitors will call Textile Center 612-436-0464 when they arrive at the front door for their appointment time.

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask to keep people safe, and use hand sanitizer upon entry.

  • When visiting any public place during this pandemic, there’s always a risk of exposure to COVID-19. When visiting Textile Center, you voluntarily assume all risk knowing that COVID-19 is extremely contagious, and that for some people it can lead to severe illness and even death. Thank you for following Textile Center’s safety protocols.

  • Note: Weavers Guild of Minnesota is currently not open to the public.