Singer Featherweights • April 11

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Tuesday, April 11, 6 – 9 pm

Steve Pauling

The Singer Featherweight model 221 (and its big sister model 301) is one of the most cherished sewing machines of all time. It’s simple design makes it ideal for self-maintenance and as an introduction to more advanced mechanical adjustments and calibrations. This class will provide you with the knowledge and first-hand experience to perform common, more advanced calibrations and repairs. Learn how to trouble-shoot and remove the hook assembly; disassemble it for cleaning and inspection; clear thread jams; re-install the hook; calibrate hook clearance; calibrate drop loop distance; calibrate hook/needle bar timing; verify and adjust feed dogs including timing, position, stroke and height. Verify the condition of the motor carbon brushes and properly adjust motor belt tension. If time permits, participants will also remove, disassemble, clean and calibrate the upper tension assembly including the calibration of the check-spring position, stroke and tension.

NOTE: Students MUST be familiar with basic sewing machine maintenance of a Singer Featherweight model 221 (or model 301) including removing all covers, cleaning and lubrication of all mechanical components, and basic tension balance adjustments. If you are not confident in these skills or knowledge, you must first take the Sewing Machine Maintenance class or contact the instructor for permission. This class is for Singer Featherweight model 221 (and model 301) machines ONLY.

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Instructor Bio:

Steve Pauling has had a life-long interest and passion for collecting, fixing, refurbishing, and using sewing machines. He began servicing and repairing machines about 15 years ago. His technical knowledge of sewing machines and mastery of tailoring skills have provided him with a unique understanding and perspective for teaching others. Pauling has taught classes in machine use and maintenance, as well as in the fine art of tailoring across the Twin Cities and at Textile Center.

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